Unity Project

The Unity Project provides emergency shelter and transitional housing accommodation to men and women age 18 and over, in a safe, secular and home-like setting. The shelter is open and staffed 24 hours every day. We offer comfortable dorms for men, women and couples, and we provide a community of support where residents take responsibility for themselves, for each other, and for the functioning of the shelter. Front-line staff support each resident's unique needs and personal growth with one-to-one counselling to establish, monitor and advance a personal action plan, and they facilitate processes of peer support and empowerment.

The Unity Project serves 50-70 people a day, offering emergency shelter and transitional housing in an environment that functions like a large and busy household. Residents are routinely involved in the function of the shelter, such as in cooking, cleaning, reception, and peer support, enjoying the practical application and development of important life skills. There are two buildings on the Unity Project property. The rear building (717 Dundas), is set back from the main street and offers drop-in, crash bed, emergency shelter, and phase-I transitional housing, while the front building, known as Unity House (719-721 Dundas), supports more independent living with phase-II transitional housing. Staff provide case management to emergency shelter and transitional residents. Residents are assigned a Front-line Community Support Worker to assist in establishing and promoting an action plan according to individual needs. The Unity Project utilizes the existing programs and services within the community to increase support and access to necessary resources.

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