Tenant Tips

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Tenant guides

You were given a tenant guide when you signed your lease. If you have lost or misplaced your tenant guide, you can find an electronic version here.

Other tips

For other LMHC brochures and information sheets, click here.

Hot topics

For information about Hot Topics such as bed bugs, safety, keeping cool in the summer or warm in the winter, click here.

Policies and procedures

For LMHC policies and procedures about your tenancy, click here.

Resources from other agencies

Click here for information from other agencies. Also check out the Community Partners section of this website for more information about programs and services.

New to Canada?

Find general information in your own language about housing in Ontario, as well as work, health, education and legal matters, here.

The following tips will help you have an enjoyable tenancy:

Always pay your rent on time

Your rent pays for the housing services you receive. It's important that everyone pays their rent on time, so we can afford to give you the services you expect.

Look after your home

Keep it in good condition.

Keep your balcony or yard tidy

Please don't use your balcony or yard for storage.

Be a good neighbour

Ensure that your household and guests treat other tenants with courtesy, and obey the law.

24 hours notice

When we have given you a written Notice of Landlord's Intent to Enter at least 24 hours beforehand, please let our contractors into your home to do necessary repairs. Contractors can also enter your home without notice in an emergency such as a flood.

Home businesses

You may not run a business from your home.