Northwest London Community Resource Centre

The Northwest London Resource Centre (NWLRC) is the result of a handful of youth who were empowered to advocate for their community's needs.

Through youth advocacy, the Northwest London Resource Centre became a reality in September 2002. As a neighbourhood resource centre, NWLRC is many things to many people. NWLRC works with a community development philosophy and a preventive and holistic approach to service. NWLRC provides basic needs services, neighbourhood support programs and activities. Services and activities are available for all age groups to reduce isolation, provide support and education, increase social skills and life skills and reduce and prevent "at risk" situations.

NWLRC brings people together to address issues in their community including health, safety, economic development, recreation and leisure, sustainable environment and infrastructure needs, etc.

NWLRC promotes leadership, partnership and relationship-building to support community ownership and neighbourhood pride. NWLRC provides information, links and referrals. NWLRC is the "hub" of the northwest London community.

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