Middlesex-London Health Unit

The Middlesex-London Health Unit is public health in London and Middlesex County. The many programs and services are designed to help you live a healthy life, free from disease and injury.

Communicable Disease & Sexual Health Services monitors, prevents and stops the spread of infectious diseases like influenza, SARS and HIV/AIDS. Clinics that focus on immunization, birth control and sexually transmitted infectious are offered regularly to help people stay healthy.

Dental Health Services provides dental screening, dental care to Ontario Works clients, arranges urgent dental treatment for children and provides dental education programs in local schools.

Environmental Health and Chronic Disease Prevention Services monitors local food, water and air on a daily basis to ensure it's safe. Programs in this service area also focus on the importance of healthy active living and injury prevention.

Family Health Services provides programs and services for families during all stages of life. Services include classes and supports before pregnancy, during, and after baby is born. Other services include many programs that help babies, children and teens grow and develop.

Research, Education, Evaluation and Development Services examines and evaluates public health programs and services. Through research and education we gain valuable information that allows us to address the needs of local residents.

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