London Children's Connection

London Children's Connection is a nonprofit organization. We provide high quality child care programs and related services that encompass the care, education and guidance of children, from infancy to school age, in London and the surrounding area.

Core Values of London Children's Connection:

  • QUALITY: We are committed to providing high quality programs and services for children and families. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our programs to include all aspects of the management and ongoing development of the organization.
  • RESPECT: We listen and respond to children, families and others with empathy and respect.
  • RESPONSIVENESS: We creatively address the changing needs of children, families and communities, by evaluating, adapting and developing innovative programs and services.
  • DIVERSITY: We value the diverse backgrounds of our families, and provide programs and services which are welcoming and comfortable.
  • COLLABORATION: We work in partnership with families and communities, to ensure the effective development and delivery of quality programs and services.
  • PROFESSIONALISM: We demonstrate integrity in our daily interactions. We participate in continued professional development, respond to new research and provide leadership within the community.

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