London InterCommunity Health Centre

The London InterCommunity Health Centre was established in 1989 to support individuals and families whose poverty, isolation, age, lack of housing or recent immigration prevented access to both health and social services and meaningful community participation.

Today, we provide inclusive and equitable health and social services to those who experience barriers to care, and we foster the active participation of individuals and the communities we serve. Our health care services are provided from two East London locations by an interdisciplinary team which includes family doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, mental health care workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and community health workers.

Complimenting the provision of health services, our staff also support a variety of programs that address the factors in our living and working circumstances that impact our health. These programs include the Children's Nutrition and Learning Project, the North East London Community Health Partnership, Youth Outreach, Seniors' Programs, Women of the World, and various neighbourhood and community engagement and development initiatives.

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