We are a proud Canadian women's charitable organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for children, youth and those in need through educational, social service and citizenship programs. Founded and organized within Canada in 1900, we still continue to serve the changing needs of society while recognizing the value of tradition.

Our members actively participate in events and projects that promote the pride and understanding of the peoples and unity of Canada. We recognize police officers, fire fighters, veterans and others for outstanding community service. Victims of Canadian disasters have been assisted. We have taken the initiative in establishing genetic clinics and initiating programs in the field of medical genetics.

We strive to inspire confidence in the growth of children into self-assured, kind and capable human beings. IODE supports students and schools with awards, bursaries, scholarships and educational supplies.

IODE is a national organization, which raises over $3.3 million every year to benefit Canadians, and provides over 833,000 hours of volunteer service annually in attempts to meet the needs of our communities. We celebrate all Canadians and the diversity possible within our Canadian community.

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